Welcome to Brilliant Transitions!! We are very excited about our new venture after so many years in the real estate market. Thank you for visiting our new website.

Over the past few years, Mindy had a growing number of clients that needed extra assistance when getting their homes ready for market. Many clients had not moved in years and the process of downsizing and going through a lifetime of belongings was completely overwhelming. Where to go? What to take? What to give away? What to do to a house to get it ready to sell? And most importantly, Who was going to do all these different jobs? Donations, estate sales, painting and even space planning at a new home. The questions go on and on...

Furthermore, many clients had little or no family able to help or family too far away to be involved in the process daily. Mindy enjoyed working with these clients so much she decided to expand services and start a company so all these questions can be answered by one person.

We work as a team and coordinator for real estate agents, movers, organizers, contractors, extended family and most importantly, our clients.  We are concierge senior moving consultants- meaning, we are the wedding planner/coordinator of a move.

We understand moving is not fun and moving is hard work- we are hoping to make the process a little less stressful for you and your family.